Cakes & Cheesecakes

$45.00 (serves 12-15)


Well,it's been said more than once "that's the best cake I've ever had"!  I love to hear those words and take great pride in my cakes and fillings. Every cake is made completely from scratch using all natural ingredients. Each order is made fresh  and is custom created just for you.

Chocolate Cake

My signature chocolate cake is my all time favorite and certainly a very Sweet Feest! This one starts with three 9" layers of old fashioned, dark chocolate, buttermilk cake. Each layer is coated with chocolate and filled with rich and creamy chocolate mousse. The cake is finished  with a double coating of thick  chocolate ganache and a decorative border of chocolate mousse.

Seasonal fruit garnish is available at market price.


Cake Choices

Classic Vanilla

Red Velvet



Lemon / Poppyseed


Filling & Icing Choices

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Mousse

Fruit Preserves

Lemon Curd

Italian Meringue Buttercream

Classic American Buttercream

Cream Cheese Buttercream


Diet Alternatives

Better Cream (a non dairy alternative to buttercream)

Ganache (with almond or soy milk instead of cream)

Vegan Buttercream (using Earth Balance as a substitute for butter)

Gluten Free

I have been making desserts without gluten for many years. At Bunky's Cafe we liked to think of ourselves as the pioneers of Gluten free. Our cheesecakes, mousse pies, and cakes have been favorites by many for a long time. My belief is that everyone should be able to enjoy dessert!


$45.00 (serves 12-15)


Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts to eat and to make! There are endless possibilities for flavors and crust types so if you don't see what you have in mind we will add it to the list! Seriously...anything goes!


Susie's Favorite

Vanilla bean cheesecake on a crisp shortbread crust topped with  crunchy toffee bits, creamy caramel and a generous amount of rich chocolate ganache.

Just Chocolate

Dark chocolate cheesecake on a dense chocolate flourless cake base. Topped with a thick  layer of milk chocolate ganache and swirls of both dark and white chocolate.


Very Cherry

Vanilla cheesecake bursting with Door County cherries. The combination of sweet, tart and sun-dried cherries puts this over the edge (literally!) Pretty please...with a cherry on top!


Peanut Butter Cup

The marriage of peanut butter and chocolate brought to new heights! Peanut butter cheesecake marbled with chocolate on crisp chocolate shortbread crust. Topped with peanut butter cups and drizzled with chocolate ganache.


Lemon Drop

Vanilla mascarpone cheesecake on a delicate lemon shortbread crust. Topped with tangy lemon curd  and a sprinkling of candied lemon strips.

Caramel Apple

 A variety of local apples caramelized with sweet cream butter on top of a vanilla bean cheesecake. Baked on a shortbread crust and topped off with more creamy caramel.


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin and vanilla swirl cheesecake on a ginger snap crust. White chocolate ganache drizzled over top with a border of candied ginger chunks.

Miniature Desserts
$20.95 (per dozen)

Dessert buffets have quickly become well loved and popular for weddings and special occasions. They create a beautiful display and give guests a chance to sample a variety of special treats. I use Callebaut Belgian chocolate for all of the chocolate items and my own fabulous recipe for shortbread! Everything is made from scratch using all natural ingredients. 
Minimum of one dozen per selection. 

Popular Choices
Chocolate flourless cake cups filled with chocolate ganache
Marscarpone cheesecake, any flavor, in shortbread crust

Cream puffs

Key lime or lemon curd tarts in graham cracker crust

Caramel nut tartlets in shortbread crust.

In choosing the miniature desserts that you want, below is a guide for helping you come up with your favorite combination. You will start with the crust type you want for the cup. Next, choose what type of filling you want. If you want a topping, there is a list of ideas for that as well.

Crust Choices


Chocolate Flourless Cake

Graham Cracker Crust

Ginger Snap Crust
Coconut Macaroon


Filling Choices


Chocolate Mousse

Milk Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Key Lime

Lemon Curd

Fruit Preserves

Topping Choices


Chocolate Ganache

Fresh Berry Coulis


Toffee Bits

Candied Ginger

Candied Citrus Peel
Fresh Berries (additional charge based on seasonal availability)


Wedding Cakes

$MP (prices vary)

All because two people fell in love!


Most of the wedding cakes I have done are chocolate! A chocolate cake makes a stunning display and I love coordinating the flowers with the bride’s bouquet and wedding flowers. Seasonal flowers as well as seasonal fruits and berries make each cake unique. An added touch is my special sugar veil lace, which can be draped in any style and is completely edible!

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